Education Programs

Bringing Global Knowledge and Experiences
to K-12 Education in North Carolina

The need for globally competent graduates in North Carolina has never been greater. North Carolina has substantially expanded its relationships with other countries, has seen dramatic shifts in the demographics of its citizens, and sends some $22 billion in exports to other countries each year.

These trends mean that North Carolina’s future leaders – today’s students – must have the ability to communicate, collaborate, and compete with the rest of the world. The Center for International Understanding is helping educators provide these skills through innovative K-12 education programs that build students’ global competencies. Today’s realities require that our future leaders be:

  • Culturally Aware
  • Aware of World Events and Global Dynamics
  • Effective in Communicating with People from other Cultures
  • Effective Members of Multicultural Teams

Increasing teacher knowledge about the world, so that students’ best connection to the world – their teachers – are increasingly competent and confident to teach about the world.

Expanding and improving world language programs, so that North Carolina students can communicate with the 85% of the world that speaks a language other than English.

Building international partnerships for North Carolina schools, so that students can learn with – and not just about – the rest of the world. Please click the links below to learn more about our programs:

Two of the 10 U.S. cities with a population increase of 100,000 or more (2000 – 2010) are in N.C.– Charlotte and Raleigh U.S. Census Bureau