Latino Initiative

 Immigration is an issue that calls out for imaginative leadership

The Center for International Understanding’s Latino Initiative is unique in the nation. The Latino Initiative is an opportunity for North Carolina leaders to gain a deeper understanding of  immigration issue and, as a result, influence local approaches to integrating Latinos into our communities.

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WHO:  Close to 800 alumni have participated in the program since 1998. Please see our Latino Initiative Participant List.

RESULTS: Far-reaching results can be found in communities across North Carolina, thanks to the Latino Initiative. For a sampling, please see Latino Initiative Results.

What happens on a Latino Initiative study program?

  • Part One: Teams are formed among local N.C. government, health, business and nonprofit leaders. They assess their community’s unique resources and local challenges in an effort to identify issues that they will tackle.
  • Part Two: Teams travel to Mexico for a short-term immersion program, visiting some of the same communities that send family members to North Carolina for work. Among the week’s activities are seeing examples of community outreach and public services; learning about Mexico’s education and health care systems; and interacting with Mexican families.
  • Part Three: Informed by their experiences in Mexico, teams return to North Carolina to develop and implement local action plans to positively address community challenges.

View a Video about the Latino Initiative

Please view a short video about the Latino Initiative’s far-reaching impact by clicking the arrow in the box below:

Latino Initiative in the News

  • National Public Radio highlights Latino Initiative: To hear the two-part radio series….click here.
  • Author of new book on leadership calls Latino Initiative a “world-class model”…click here.

“It may have been one of the most meaningful weeks
I’ve spent in my life.”
~ Tom Ross, former President of the University of North Carolina

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