Taller de Liderazgo Comunitario

We honored 27 graduates of an inaugural community leadership program this week, an effort inspired by alumni of our Latino Initiative program.

On Saturday November 5th the Center for International Understanding, the City of Raleigh, Wake County, NC State University’s Cooperative Extension and the Consulate General of Mexico celebrated the achievements of an inspiring group of community leaders who participated in the Taller de Liderazgo Comunitario (TLC) or Community Leadership Workshop. Graduates of this program completed a series of classes that informed participants of the various resources in the area available for the Latino community such as after school programming, health and legal services, and dropout prevention programs. Knowledge of these avenues is important for long time residents but especially so for people who may be new to the area. Those who have completed the program hope to share these insights with their friends, relatives, and neighbors in the community. With 27 graduates of the program this goal is well on its way to reality.

To see “Que Pasa’s” front page story about the graduation, click here.

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